Giving to Winnetka

Giving a financial gift to Winnetka Covenant Church is vital to maintaining our many wonderful ministries so we can continue to grow. 

Giving is easy! There are several ways:

  1. Use WCC's online application to give from your checking account.
  2. Use WCC's online application to set up automatic giving on periodic dates. 
  3. Mail a check to Winnetka Covenant Church.
  4. Give during our Sunday morning service.
  5. Consider other ways to give (see below)!

If you need assistance with online giving, please contact the church office at (847) 446-4300.

Stock Gifts

WCC is set up to handle gifts of stock and mutual funds through Covenant Trust Company. If practical, giving appreciated securities to WCC could provide a donor with significant tax savings. While the spirit of giving is key, a donation of appreciated stock or mutual funds can benefit the donor, who may be able to take advantage of an itemized deduction while also avoiding tax on capital gains. 

If you wish to inquire about donating stock or mutual fund shares, please contact Mike Magnusson at or call 847-583-3252. Mike can then make arrangements to facilitate the transfer of the securities you wish to donate. 

Make a Pledge

A Pledge is:

  • Your commitment to give back to God a portion of what He has given you.  
  • An opportunity to set a generous and attainable giving goal for yourself.  
  • A way to commit to give to God from your first fruits. (Proverbs 3: 9-10)  
  • Helpful to the church as it plans how far it can expand its ministry.  
  • Not a debt that must be paid off if you experience negative financial changes.  
  • A target amount you are certainly free to exceed.  
  • Not judged by size, but by the willingness to give. 

To make a pledge for calendar year 2021, please contact the church office.