Welcome to Winnetka Covenant Church

We invite you to join us wherever you are on your spiritual journey and to participate with us in the life of our church.

*A Letter from our Pastor*

Dear Church Family,


As cases of the COVID-19/Coronavirus increase rapidly in our community, country, and world, public health and governmental agencies are asking us collectively to seek social distance for a time, with hopes that the spread of this pandemic will greatly diminish. As I’m sure you are aware, sporting events, entertainment and the arts, schools, and other places where we gather together are now almost all cancelled, closed, or shut down.


Along with schools, businesses, restaurants and many other gathering places, the Church will be closed during this time. We want to help hinder the further spread of this epidemic. We continue to approach this not with a sense of panic, but with wisdom, relying on established and recommended protocols developed by health experts. We want everyone to remain as safe and healthy as possible.


This is a fluid situation; changes come rapidly each day. But at this moment, I am writing on behalf of the staff and executive board, that has approved the following update:


All events that gather at Winnetka Covenant Church are cancelled through April 30th. This includes worship services and other activities – bible studies, choir, small groups, Wednesday night Refuel, etc…ANYTHING meeting at 1200 Hibbard Road, is asked to suspend. 


 The Rummage Sale, scheduled for Saturday, April 25, will be postponed. More details to come, but we hope for some time this fall, in conjunction with other churches that have cancelled their sales. 


New Vision Covenant Church will be joining us in this suspension of gatherings.


Here is some other information:


The Staff will continue to be available to you via phone and email. We welcome your questions, concerns, conversations, ideas and want to care for and companion you through this time. We are available to support and pray with you.


Electronic communications will increase. Devotions, prayers, sermons, etc, will come to you we hope on a daily basis. Maybe we can engage this “forced sabbath” from church as we know it as a gift. Time to engage quiet, rest, reading and reflection.


Help with child-care, or an errand, a meal at the door or a ride in an emergency – this is a time for us to find ways even though isolated to befriend and pray for each other. If you have needs, be in touch. If you can help, be in touch. More details to come.

Our Stewardship remains important. You may bring your offerings by the church, send them in the mail, or give electronically on our website.


To summarize, then, all church activities including worship are cancelled until April 30th. We will keep you informed along the way. Let’s pray earnestly for our world and care for one another during this time of crisis.


Love in Christ,


Pastor Peter Hawkinson